Historic District Commission

5-Year Terms – Appointed by Mayor – Per C.G.S. §7-147c(d) & Charter §1.5

Purpose & Objectives

To promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the preservation and protection of the distinct characteristics of buildings and places associated with the history of or indicative of a period or style of architecture of the Town, State or nation.


Regular Members       Term Expires 
David Fuller (R) - Vice-chairman 48 Sunnybank Ave. May 11, 2023
Casimir Mizera (R) 185 Boston Ave. May 11, 2022
Ryan Erenhouse (R) - Clerk 2020 Elm St. May 11, 2021
David Durgy (R) 120 White St. May 11, 2020
Anthony Smith (D) 908 Broad St. May 11, 2019
Town Historian contemporaneously w/ appointment 

Alternate Members
Megan Merwin 2212 Elm St.  
Michael Bingham 772 Broad St.  
Daryl Brock 221 Nichols Ave.  
Secretary: Carol Cabral

Historic District Commission Documents

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