2023 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners


Over The Top Award Winner
2040 Huntington Road
A beautiful festive showcase a showstopper. Please stop by to see.

First Place Award Winner (tie)
98 Jesse Avenue

First Place Award Winner (tie)
18 Philo Street
Second Place Place Award Winner
1461 Main Street

Third Place Award Winner
92 Beers Place
  2023 Nominated Properties.  Click on any image, below, to enlarge.
41 Ann Terrace

210 Anson Street
Since 2019, Monica and I have found joy lighting our 50+ foot Balsam Fir that stands directly in front of our home and towers over Anson Street.

92 Beers Place

200 Blueberry Lane
My neighbors house directly across from mine is beautifully decorated!!

23 Bryant Place

37 Bryant Place

61 California Street
The child care center is located on a corner property and has a lovely light display from two directions.

12 Edison Street
Homeowners moved to Stratford last year from NY. Owner said he is free styling the lights and he’s not finished.

133 Glenfield Avenue

383 Henry Avenue

2040 Huntington Road
A beautiful festive showcase a showstopper. Please stop by to see

98 Jesse Avenue
522 King Street

1461 Main Street
Both the front and back of our home is decorated. We love the holidays and hope our decorations bring people joy as they pass by.

4747 Main Street

135 Mary Avenue
Whimsical, storybook includes music.

92 Meritine Avenue

145 Okenuck Trail

18 Philo Street
Multi color icicles on house, garage and archway, nice inflatables, finished with reindeer and sleigh on the porch roof. charming and colorful.

50 Ross Drive
No Photo Provided
137 Ryegate Terrace

625 Sedgewick Avenue

300 Sperry Avenue
Every year Burns Const has a tree decorated an set high up on a lift. You can see it on Access Rd and the marsh road from a distance. I know it's christmas when I see the Burns tree up.

47 Sunnyside Terrace
156 Thornberg Street

88 Wheeler Terrace

965 Whipporwill Lane

No Photo Provided
245-295 Wigwam Lane
This is where Figlar’s Farm is located. Corner of Wigwam/Nemergut