This form is used for submitting FOIA requests to the Town of Stratford

The Town of Stratford is committed to the principle that access to public records and meetings of public agencies is critical to good government. The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to request and obtain records from public agencies within certain limitations. You may request records that are not already available on the internet through the Town of Stratford website. The Town has no obligation to perform analytical work, studies, investigations, calculations, program reviews or create any special/customized document/materials or retrieval in response to a FOIA request. Only public documents/records that currently exist are subject to the law. There is an established retention schedule for all Town Records per the Connecticut State Library. Records that have exceeded the required retention may no longer be available.

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By clicking the box below, I agree to pay such fees and costs (per Summary of Charges) prior to the release of documents to me. I understand that payment is due to the Town of Stratford in a check or money order payable to "Town of Stratford". I understand that the fees may be waived if I, the requester, am receiving public assistance or can demonstrate other facts showing my inability to pay due to indigence (CGS § 1-212(d) (1)).